I haven’t come across too many blogs or websites where fat women really discuss the topic of dating while fat.  I haven’t found many places to get wisdom or help or support with the entire experience of dating as a fat woman.   Do most fat women just hide in their houses and stay celibate? Probably, right?

But I see plenty of larger women who are even heavier than I am in relationships, and married.    They must be dating and finding men *somehow*, aren’t they?  How?  Why aren’t they providing wisdom via blogs and websites?

And America is full of fat men, too.  What do fat men experience when they’re out there in the dating world, trying to find a decent woman to date?

Why isn’t this really written about?  Nobody wants to think of fat people dating, I suppose.  Nobody wants to think about the fact that fat people enjoy sex.  EEEeeeeeeeew, so icky!!!

I wish there was someone else out there writing a blog where she talked about dating and meeting men *WHILE* losing weight.   Surely it’s been done before?  Why don’t people blog about it?  I’ve looked this up on Google bunches of times.   There’s a multitude of message board posts from men explaining why they find fat women disgusting and undateable, and then there are also  a multitude of fat-acceptance, “big is beautiful”  websites out there, but there aren’t many written by fat women (or fat men) who are in the dating trenches and seriously trying to be healthy at the same time.

Since there are so many fat men out there, I kind of wonder why so few of them go to clubs like Weight Watchers?   What do guys do for support when they’re working hard at taking off pounds?  Weight loss is bloody damn hard for anyone, so I’d like to know how men on this journey manage it when most of the support out there is so female-centric.   My gym is 90% males, though.  Maybe men just head to the gym instead of looking for the emotional support.

I’m so sick of being sick!  I want to go and run and hike because the thing about working out all the time is that you end up feeling really antsy and stir-crazy as soon as you stop working out.  I have bronchitis right now, I can’t wait to be healthy!!